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Whale Club




Whale Club is a brand new unique and exciting project, which is focused on following the market movements from the so-called “whales” from many different markets around the world. We have always considered that the right information can change a person’s life, especially the right financial information. This is why we’ve designed our platform to track the movement of “whale” investors or accounts on a growing number of markets. With launch, we aim to cover a large number of cryptocurrencies as well as many of the most popular precious metals.

In the crypto market for instance, whales hold a massive amount of influence. In Bitcoin’s case, a whale account is an account or wallet that currently has over 1000 bitcoins. With today’s price of $45K per bitcoin, if only one of these whales decided to sell of the majority of his currency, it would send market shockwaves that would be felt across many different markets.

These shockwaves can ricochet and quite literally be responsible for millions of dollars being lost if people do not pay close attention. Nothing deletes or creates wealth like the crypto market so getting the right information on time is absolutely crucial.

Why Join Whaleclub?

We have the right tools and information to get ahead. By following the movement of whales in a variety of markets, you’ll get access to same information that the best traders in their respective field have. You will be the first to see.


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