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Bitcoin Motion 2022 Review – Is it Legit?

Bitcoin Motion Review Featured Image

Bitcoin Motion review will show you an automated trading platform that connects you with brokers with potentially profitable trading tools and the latest technologies that can help you make sound trading decisions.

More and more people are investing in cryptocurrency every day. Thankfully, there are automated trading platforms to ease you into the nitty and gritty of trading!

Bitcoin Motion | Quick Facts

  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Withdrawal Duration: Within 24 hours
  • Mobile App: None (you can use a mobile web browser)
  • Available Cryptocurrencies for Trade: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, EOS, and more

If you’d like to know more, please read our in-depth review to know if this is the right automated trading software for you.

What Is Bitcoin Motion?

The Platform connects traders to brokers who can help them begin their cryptocurrency investing journey! In addition, these brokers claim that they can also give you (1) cutting-edge automated trading robots to trade money and possibly earn for you when used right, and (2) the latest tools such as ground-breaking indicators and techniques to help you make firm and technically-sound trading decisions. 

So you don’t have to find your way through the platform; we already did it for you! 

Bitcoin Motion | Step-by-step Walkthrough

Without further ado, let’s tour the official website. 

Landing Page

When you first arrive at the Bitcoin Motion landing page, this is what you’ll see. Once you register, you will be transferred to one of their brokers, as you will see later.

bitcoin chart in bitcoin motion platform

Why Join Bitcoin Motion? 

When you scroll down a bit further, Bitcoin Motion lets you know why you should invest with them. Bitcoin Motion says that you should invest with them because of the following reasons.

  • Now is the time to invest in Bitcoin which is a once in a lifetime experience
  • It can connect you with reputable, top-of-the-line brokers 
  • These brokers claim to have state-of-the-art trading systems, automated trading robots and superior trading software 
  • It has a simple, web-friendly web app for anyone to use

If these reasons are not enough already to get you started on your crypto investing journey, read on to know more about the Platform and what it can potentially do for you. 

Writer’s Note

Here’s a little note before we continue! We are not in any way providing marketing for Bitcoin Motion. There are lots of fake marketing campaigns out there disguised as reviews designed to scam you. We will never ask for your personal or financial information. This article serves the sole purpose of reviewing Bitcoin Motion only and shall not be considered promotional content.

bitcoin motion website

What Results Can You Expect?

Trading on Bitcoin Motion can give you the opportunity to possibly yield greater returns on your investment through the rapidly-emerging cryptocurrency market. Investing with Bitcoin Motion can give the following benefits: 

  • A slice of the pie that is the market-changing Bitcoin
  • A diverse portfolio of cryptocurrency assets
  • A chance at a great source of passive income 

What Are People Saying About?

Based on the feedback from the online Bitcoin Motion community, the users generally had the following great things to say about their automated trading platform.

  • It’s simple and doesn’t take long to set-up
  • Its broker’s trading robots work with many cryptocurrencies, and they can discern the market in real-time
  • It allows you to eventually earn passively by letting the broker’s trading robots do the work


Bitcoin Motion claims they have brokers with the following advantages, making them lucrative to invest in. 

  • Support for the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, EOS
  • Fund transfers through credit card and Neteller
  • 24-hour customer service
  • User-friendly interface

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

crypto coins on table charts

Before we dig deeper into the registration process, we’ll do our best and answer some of those questions in your head that you have so far about Bitcoin Motion. 

Are there any other fees to be incurred when using or registering?

No, there are no hidden fees! To start trading, though, you’ll have simply to fund your trading account with as little as $250.

Is prior trading knowledge required before trading with the brokers of Bitcoin Motion?

Nope! You can let the brokers assist you to handle your investment or have them teach you through their tools and technologies. 

Can I trade without the trading robots?

Yes! You may enter your trades without any guidance and optionally use the trading robot’s advice. 

Anyone can use and access Bitcoin Motion in countries where cryptocurrency trading is legal. It is your responsibility to check if the broker’s services comply with local rules and regulations.

How many hours in a day should I spend with the brokers?

There is no prescribed amount of hours that you should allot, but spending more time and effort to study and trade cryptocurrency properly can significantly increase your chances of making great trading moves. 

What are the payment gateways?

You can withdraw and deposit in real-time with the brokers of Bitcoin Motion through any credit card and online transfer. You may consult with your broker regarding specific payment channels. 

Is Bitcoin Motion safe?

Yes! It’s safe and 100% encrypted. Also, if you didn’t already know, cryptocurrency is built on blockchain technology, so you could also track the record of your transactions on the public ledgers of the coins you dealt with.

Bitcoin Motion | Registration Process

Now that we’ve settled some questions about the platform, it’s time to go through their simple and user-friendly sign-up process to make a live trading account. It only takes three easy steps!

bitcoin loophole registration form

STEP 1: Put in your details

Input your name and phone in the registration form at the top of their landing page. Do not stress, as Bitcoin Motion has a privacy policy that can also be accessed on their website that mentions that they will never give out your private information. 

STEP 2: Wait for a call from your assigned broker

Bitcoin Motion will assign one of its best brokers to contact you, so sit back and relax! It may take a few minutes to 48 hours for them to contact you, but they will assuredly. 

STEP 3: Respond to your broker and begin your trading journey

Your broker will contact you through email or your phone, be sure to answer them! Once you’ve responded, you can discuss with them your investment plan, and they will set up the best trading plans, trading robots, technical indicators, and account management settings for you. 

Bitcoin Motion | Trying It Out Ourselves in 2022

And to make this review more legitimate, we attempted to register for Bitcoin Motion ourselves.

We signed up, put our details in the registration form and waited to be connected to a broker. 

After a few minutes, we received an email from one of the platform brokers regarding our login credentials for their website and a call from the same broker regarding onboarding on their brokerage. Amazing!

Bitcoin Motion | Wrap Up

Bitcoin Motion offers a legitimate automated trading platform that connects traders with potential brokers with the latest trading technologies. Its simple and user-friendly features ease the trading process. Its platform of trustworthy brokers that can potentially net huge profits make Bitcoin Motion legit.

Keep in mind that Bitcoin Motion is not a trading software itself, but rather it serves to connect traders and brokers all in the pursuit of earning through the long-term bullish run that cryptocurrency is having. Before ending, here are some pros and cons about Bitcoin Motion. 


✅ Simple and easy to understand interface

✅ Large network of top brokers 

✅ Brokers have many payment channels

✅ 24/7 customer service

✅ Support for multiple currency pairs


❌ No mobile app (mobile web browser only)

Overall, this is a great platform to connect with brokers with access to the latest technology innovations in trading, who can help you begin to build your wealth in the fast-paced rise of cryptocurrency.

Yet, before you start your trading journey, try to practice the avoidance of emotional trading. Trade wisely and prudently, and always do your own research!

Note: Cryptocurrency trading is highly volatile and subject to dangerous price movements. Always do your research before making any trading decisions. Anything written in this article will not be considered as financial or investment advice, and we are not liable for any potential losses.