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Privacy Policy

WhaleClub.Co Protects Your Privacy and Confidentiality!

WhaleClub.Co has developed this policy (“Privacy Policy”) to help you understand the process of collecting and managing your private details. We and our subsidiaries claim the right to amend or modify this Privacy Policy whenever possible. Once we make any improvements, they are applied right away, so it is your obligation to check this page regularly. 

Should you disagree with our Privacy Policy or any section of it, you should discontinue accessing this Website immediately. 

The Type of Information We Collect

WhaleClub.Co collects two kinds of data from its users:

  1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – Any material concerning your identity, such as your given and last names, physical address, email address, and financial position. 
  2. Non-personally Identifiable Information (non-PII) – This type of information does not use your identity information. We collect details including but not limited to demographics, age, or IP address. 

Other sorts of information that might be collected include the following:

  1. Information on Banking (source of funds, proof of income, or bank account information)
  2. Information on Transactions (transaction details on your account)
  3. Information on Usage (other information collected by Cookies)

Information Storage and Utilisation

We collect your individual data to operate, supply, and enhance our Services based on each user’s preferences and needs.

  1. Your Private Information is used by us to provide functionalities, evaluate efficiency, rectify issues, and enhance the accessibility and usefulness of our Services.
  2. We store your Private Information to customise your user experience by proposing technology and functionality, determining your interests, and suggesting products and benefits that you may be interested in.
  3. We acquire Personal Information from you so that we may connect with you and send you promotional materials.
  4. We employ the Personal Information that we gather to detect fraud and exploitation. 

Data Protection

We make efforts to keep your Personal Information confidential. WhaleClub.Co, on the other hand, is not responsible for data breaches, malfunctions, or public sources. You must be aware that when you are using the Services, your information will be sent over our Network databases and third-party networks and digital applications over which we have no responsibility. 

Suspension and Termination of Account

If WhaleClub.Co discovers any unlawful behaviour on the profile or is required to do this by law, the user may be terminated or suspended from using our Website.

Privilege and Restrictions

You are given the right to seek access, update, or delete your personal information, as well as to terminate its processing. You can also decline to export your data. Furthermore, if your privacy is invaded or infringed, you can submit a claim with the European Union’s data integrity agency.

Who should you contact if you have any further privacy concerns or requests?If you have any more questions about our page policies and Services, you may contact the WhaleClub.Co support staff.