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Bitcoin Prime Review 2022 — Is It Legit Or Not?

bitcoin prime review featured

Introduction To The Bitcoin Prime Website

This Bitcoin Prime Review will guide you to go through the legitimacy, features, and purpose of Bitcoin Prime. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional trader, you must know that the platform you’re interested in using is legitimate. So, what should we expect from this website?

Several Bitcoin traders claim that they have earned high profits through trading and/or investing. This reason has attracted many crypto enthusiasts to conquer the risky environment of the crypto market. Since then, many crypto platforms have emerged to assist their crypto journey, and one of those is Bitcoin Prime. Bitcoin Prime is designed as a lead generation page that connects traders (of all kinds) to brokers who offer various trading tools. While Bitcoin Prime may appear as a promising platform, we’ll always have this question on the top of our heads—is Bitcoin Prime legit or not?

Read on the entire review to learn more.

Is Bitcoin Prime Legit?

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Our profound research suggests that Bitcoin Prime is legitimate. According to the feedback we found, although there may be a lack of information about the platform’s founder, many users benefit from its current website features. In addition, several external resources have also confirmed Bitcoin Prime’s legitimacy.

However, be reminded that a platform’s legitimacy does not cancel out the risk in crypto trading. You will still be exposed to any risk you find in the financial markets regardless of which platform you’re using. We highly encourage you to gather more information about cryptocurrency and always consult your personal account manager to minimise the risks involved.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Bitcoin Prime?

Here’s the summary of the pros and cons of using the Bitcoin Prime website:


  • No hidden charges
  • Associated with regulated brokers who provide different trading tools and use the MetaTrader platform
  • Allows several payment methods via a brokerage account
  • Responsive customer support team
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easily accessible
  • Simple trading process
  • Minimum deposit of $250


  • Crypto trading entails high risk
  • Only available in jurisdictions that permit or regulate CFD trading
  • No mobile app

What Makes Bitcoin Prime Unique From The Others?

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To be clear, Bitcoin Prime is not a trading platform nor a broker. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, Bitcoin Prime is designed to be your partner website to help you access the financial markets easily and find a licensed broker to assist you.

We can say that Bitcoin Prime’s main task is to reduce your burden to look for regulated brokers and prevent you from getting scammed by fake trading platforms.

What Services Do Bitcoin Prime Partner Brokers Offer?

According to the our review and details we gathered, Bitcoin Prime regularly verifies the accuracy of its partnered brokers. You can find below most services provided by the company’s partner brokers:

Multiple Payment Method

Bank transfer and credit/debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are among the brokers’ deposit options. Some brokers also provide virtual wallets.

MetaTrader 4 or 5 Software

This or other similar software is what all the partner brokers of Bitcoin Prime use and offer.

Crypto Trading Robot

It assists traders in executing possible profitable trades since a few of its strongest advantages are emotionless trading and fast response.

Trading Signals

Trading Signals is a MetaTrader 4 tool that automatically allows traders to imitate other traders’ trades.

Copy Trading

Copy-trading is the practice of replicating another person’s trading strategy or moves. Social trading, or mirror trading, is another name for this.

Demo Trading Mode

Starting with a demo account is an excellent option. This mode helps you better understand crypto trading and the services provided by the broker’s software.

Am I Guaranteed To Earn High Profits With Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime, like other similar websites, is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Speculations abound in crypto markets, causing volatility to soar to the point that no platforms or brokers’ trading tools can guarantee users a high profit. The outcome of your trade or investment depends on your knowledge and experience. Here’s a tip: do not invest large sums of money since dealing with fluctuating currencies is always dangerous, and you may lose a lot of money. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

How To Sign Up For Bitcoin Prime?

woman is signing up for an account to bitcoin prime
  1. Register

The user can easily fill-out Bitcoin Prime’s application form by visiting the official homepage. To register a free account, the user must provide his/her accurate basic information, including full name, mailing address, and contact number. The user must also double-check their information before submission. Once done, the next step is to wait for his/her assigned broker to verify their trading account.

  1. Fund Your Bitcoin Prime Account

After the whole registration process, the user must fund their new trading account to begin trading. A minimum deposit of $250 must be settled as the user’s initial trading capital. There’s no problem if the user wants to exceed the money to deposit. Just be reminded that you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

  1. [Optional] Try Demo Account

If the user is a new trader, he/she can use the broker’s offered demo trading account. With the help of this demo version, the user can trade all he/she wants while no money is involved. But this technically means that the user in this mode won’t earn profits, too.

  1. Start Live Trading

After the user has completed all of the preceding stages, he/she can start with the live trading platform and have fun! It’s also worth noting that platforms like Bitcoin Prime don’t guarantee 100% success. In addition, the user may trade using the broker’s trading tools and algorithms, which give real-time market information and help users make better live trading options.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Bitcoin Prime?

As the website claims, there are no fees or charges to pay. As mentioned above, registering an account with Bitcoin Prime is free.

Does Bitcoin Prime Have A Mobile App?

No. Although there is no app for Bitcoin Prime, the platform may be used on various devices with a stable internet connection. You can access the Bitcoin Prime website via a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Is Bitcoin Prime Legal?

In general, Bitcoin Prime can be used in any jurisdiction where Bitcoin trading is authorised.

Have Any Celebrities Endorsed Bitcoin Prime?

bitcoin prime website

Based on our investigation and review, we haven’t found any celebrities that endorse or promote Bitcoin Prime. You may also come across websites that claim to be endorsed by celebrities. Many of these websites offer phoney celebrity endorsements to lure you in and link you to an unlicensed CFD broker.


In conclusion, Bitcoin Prime exists in the industry to allow users to enter the cryptocurrency market. In writing this review, our team has also attempted to try the website’s services to confirm that its features function appropriately. Even the assigned broker immediately called us for the account verification process.

While Bitcoin Prime is an ideal choice for all potential investors, it is worth noting that no platform guarantees excellent and quick outcomes. It always depends on your dedication and skills. While being aware of the volatility and risks in the cryptocurrency market, each investor is encouraged to research the specifics of each investment strategy that may be useful.


None of the information included in the Bitcoin Prime Review is intended to be considered investment advice. By relying on the information on this website, you understand that you are acting deliberately and independently and that you are aware of and accept all risks.

Crypto markets are highly volatile. Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not guarantee you 100% good returns. For a more effective and secure trading experience, we recommend doing your own research and talking with a financial professional.