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Compound Price Prediction 2025

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Compound protocol, big moves with even larger crypto tech. Can COMP survive the uncertainty? With recent happenings affecting the crypto market, it is understandable that investors are more careful in deciding which crypto market they should put their money into. Learn in this Compound Price Prediction article whether COMP will recover from the market turbulence brought by the Russia and Ukraine worldwide conflict.

With this Compound price prediction, potential investors in the crypto market will be able to understand and weigh the risks of investing in this cryptocurrency. Find out more about Compound price prediction and determine whether Compound will improve your portfolio in the crypto space. Will Compound protocol manifest frictionless exchange rates drive the price of COMP further? Read this Compound price prediction 2025 and learn more.

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Will The Current Compound Price Recover?

In the decentralised finance industry, the Compound protocol has a token called COMP established on the Ethereum blockchain. Due to the recent war between Russia and Ukraine, the cryptocurrency market has been gravely affected. As of March 5, the date this article is written, the current compound price is $108.30. As observed, the COMP price extended its long period bearish trend in the last 24 hours.

The Compound price today has dropped from its latest highest spike in September 2021, reaching $509. However, this is not the greatest downfall of Compound in terms of its market cap. Its all-time low minimum price happened two years ago in June 2020, dropping the COMP price to $62.27. Then, it had its comeback by reaching its all-time maximum price value of $911 in May 2021.

The COMP coin, having a large market cap of $717 million, has experienced a rise of 55.18% in trading volume, reaching $95 million in the last 24 hours as of March 5. Additionally, COMP is currently ranked at #95 on CoinMarketCap and has had two major spikes.

The first major spike happened on February 5, ascending to $534.09. After a correction, it rose again by 130%, reaching $509.8 between the months of June and September.

Compound Price Prediction 2025

With the quantitative data presented, it is evident that the COMP token has experienced a bearish movement over the week. This does not signify whether the next market turbulence will go up or down. Furthermore, the 30-day chart does not verify if the long-time bearish movement will continue. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, everything is volatile. Therefore, the Compound price prediction and any other cryptocurrencies’ price predictions may change from time to time. Here are some Compound forecasts from various sources:

Analysts That Estimate the Price of COMP Will Go Up

  • Crypto analysts, specifically CoinQuora, released bullish signals, saying that its maximum price might get up to $3,000 in 2025.
  • Likewise, the Price Prediction forecast presents the average price prediction of COMP could get up to the highest price of $586 in 2025 and higher up to $3,755 in 2030.
  • TheNewsCrypto expects a bullish trend; the average forecast price of COMP could reach $730 by the end of 2025.
  • CryptoNewsZ is also positive that by 2025, COMP can experience a price rise of $450.

Analysts That Estimate the Price of COMP Will Go Down

  • Although not completely bearish, CoinDex COMP predictions say that it might experience a price drop of 10% by 2025.
  • DigitalCoinPrice also expresses that COMP might drop to a minimum price value of $190.61.
  • While it is entirely possible it can attain a maximum price level of $595.24, according to PricePrediction, it could also go as low as $492.12 by the end of 2025.

When looking for long-term price predictions online, potential investors should be careful and aware that these forecasts are algorithm-based. Crypto analysts base their predictions on the fundamental technicalities of COMP in the past few days’ performances.

There are COMP projections saying it will go up, and some anticipate it will go down. Keep in mind that they can be right or wrong. Hence, it is best to consult a licensed financial investor for more accurate data. It is also advisable to buy tokens from guaranteed and credible sellers like eToro.

Estimated Maximum Price of COMP According To Experts

For further research, there are many videos on YouTube to watch. In a Youtube channel called Crypto Never Sleeps, various sources are mentioned for reference. For example, Wallet Investor predicted with technical analysis that the maximum value of the COMP token could reach $2,459.32 sometime in 2025. He did not mention, however, the exact time of the coin to experience a resistance level in the near future.

Compound Recent Developments

Just recently, Compound launched plenty of remarkable developments that may drive its price predictions today and in the future.

  • Fund by Bitwise (November 2021): The largest crypto index fund manager invested directly in the native token, COMP, of the market protocol. The firm is famous for developing products like Bitcoin, DeFi, Ethereum, and equity indexes.
  • Compound Treasury (June 2021): This development allows centralised financial institutions to experience the advantages of Compound. This launching enabled large dollar holders to have access to the available interest rates in the USDC market of the Compound protocol.
  • Gateway (March 2021): Created on a multi-chain market in a Substrate blockchain, this development allows the holders of COMP token to administer on Ethereum. Gateway paves the way for users to borrow native assets from different chains with collateral.

Compound’s Unique Features

Compound, created in 2017 by two high-profile workmates, Robert Leshner and Geoffrey Hayes, describes itself as unique because of its open lending platform. This feature is advantageous to the users, allowing them to earn interest or acquire a secured loan easily and safely.

Moreover, the community governance of this DeFi protocol has this quality where COMP holders get to pick changes; then, other users can debate and vote on them. Among the changes that this cryptocurrency allows its users include: COMP tokens distribution, collateralisation factors adjustments, and supported cryptocurrencies enumerations.

Take note that the maximum loan-to-value ratio of COMP ranges from 50% to 75% depending on the collateral asset, which will determine the interest rate paid. If borrowers, however, fail to reach the maintenance threshold given, they will face liquidation.

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Compound Price Prediction FAQs

For potential investors who are conducting their own research about Compound technical analysis, it is crucial to know more about this cryptocurrency to calculate its profitability as an investment. Here are some questions asked about this DeFi protocol:

Is Compound Crypto Safe?

Similar to other protocols, Compound will never be branded as 100%. However, it is proven and tested by many blockchain projects that it is one of the secure and safest among the many virtual currencies.

Is Compound A Good Crypto?

As mentioned earlier, investing in cryptocurrency is a matter of risk because of the virtual market’s volatility. With this said, it depends on the investors if they are up for the risks and circumstances. To have a good investment, it is advisable to always check a COMP forecast before making a decision.

How Does Compound Cryptocurrency Make Money?

Compound crypto works similarly to a regular savings account. Investors will have to deposit Bitcoins or any other altcoins without deposit limits. Afterwards, your assets will grow, resulting in receiving payouts anytime.

Where To Buy COMP Coins?

Aspiring investors can get tokens easily on the internet, but it is difficult to find a secured one. One suggestion where you can buy a COMP coin is on eToro, where users can easily buy and sell different types of currencies. It is also a safe place to improve your portfolio.

Disclaimer of our Compound Price Prediction

The information above is for educational purposes only and not financial advice. Potential investors should always be critical when it comes to deciding where to put their money. With research and advice from professionals, the risks will be lessened but not completely eliminated.