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“AI is the future.” The use of artificial intelligence has long been valued in titan-sized industries over the years and now the technology is becoming more and more accessible to the public. The price prediction tackles not only the potential of the token but also relates it to how the growing demand for AI has been over the years.

In this article, you’ll learn more about how has grown over the years, how it plans to expand, and most importantly, if’s FET coin is a good investment for 2025-2030.’s Recent Growth

Aside from the use case of the FET token, its recent price increase has also amassed quite a lot of attention, with a 23.13% 24h gain as of the time of this writing (March 3). FET has seen most of its activity during the year 2021 starting off at around $0.05 while spiking to its new all-time high at $1.19.

With the adaptation of AI and the popularisation of cryptocurrency, the AI lab building machine learning network leveraging crypto-economy has started to gain significant growth, long-term investors, and an optimistic price prediction for the future. In order to find out as to whether or not is a profitable investment, it is important to look at the trends of AI, the FET tokens’ price performance, and its potential place in the future.

What Does Fetch.AI Really Do?

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While gaining access to artificial intelligence has been extremely difficult over the years, leverages the concept of blockchain technology to make it more and more accessible to different users. is built on the backbone of these three key points:

  • Open: Instead of being blocked off and only used by larger companies, provides a machine learning network open to all.
  • Permissionless: incorporates blockchain’s concept of being able to run transactions, transfers, and access without needing permission with every move.
  • Decentralised: The data is fairly accessible to everyone giving regular people democratised access to AI technology. provides access to AI allowing users to execute tasks that use its global network of data. The use cases for include its stronghold in transportation, DeFi trading services, smart energy grids, and the complications of travel. allows users to autonomously carry out tasks by relying on any form of complex digital systems using datasets on a massive scale. By using the FET coin, developers can access the machine-learning abilities to create digital twins (virtual objects/systems parallel to real-life counterparts and updated in real-time) while being able to use the network’s collective intelligence.

Current Price of’s FET Coin

man is holding a mobile phone trading has seen renewed interest over the past week (Feb 24-Mar 3) currently priced at $0.34 after a low of $0.22 and a high of $0.41. Its trading volume has also increased by 845.23% in the last 24 hours from the time this article was written (Mar 3) at $294.6 billion.

Quite interestingly, its trading volume has exceeded its market cap at $263 billion by an excess of around $31.3 billion. The coin is built on the Ethereum blockchain (using its smart contracts) and is ranked #176 on CoinMarketCap.

Throughout its lifecycle, the FET coin has seen four major price spikes in March, September, and November in 2021. The price first spiked in March of last year, reaching $0.82 before correction bouncing back to $0.95 in September. Instead of sharply falling down, the coin traded between the $0.60 and $0.80 price mark before it spiked again hitting $0.92. Price Prediction (2025-2030)

The market’s sentiments when it comes to the future price of are split between bullish and bearish. Although the crypto market has split price predictions, some analysts believe that the coin is a good investment.

Bullish Sentiments on’s FET Price

  • DigitalCoin suggests that the FET price could go up to $0.50 this 2022, $0.8371 by 2025, and hit $1.72 by the year 2030.
  • CryptoNewsZ says that the FET price could reach a maximum of $3.80 by 2025 and could even cross the $10 mark by the end of 2030.
  • TechNewsLeader suggests that the FET price could reach $1.23 by 2025 and $8.21 by 2030.
  • UptoBrain gives the highest FET price prediction saying it could go all the way to $23.79 by the end of December 2025.

Bearish Sentiments on’s FET Price Prediction

  • SwapSpace notes that WalletInvestor predicts that Fetch could reach $0.27 by the end of 2025.
  • also supports this negative sentiment saying it could go down to $0.25 by the end of 2025.

What Experts Have to Say About the Price Prediction?

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Although the crypto market has mixed perceptions of the FET price prediction, DOCTOR CRYPTO gives a more balanced view of the coin’s potential on YouTube. As per DOCTOR CRYPTO, FET might not be a good investment in the short term but could be a good buy opportunity.

As per the channel’s technical analysis, the price prediction could reach a minimum price of $0.71 with a maximum price level of $0.88 this year. In 2025, the channel predicted that its minimum price could hit $2.26 as per technical analysis with a maximum price of $2.34.

Looking farther into the future, the channel predicts that the FET could reach a minimum price of $14.46 with a maximum price of $14.86 by 2030.

Risks of Investing in

Although is built on a solid company providing AI technology to the masses, it is not the only group out there doing this. Here are the risks you need to be aware of before investing in

  • Competition: Aside from strictly AI-focused businesses like imatch talent, Bitvore, or Social Thingum, also potentially risks clashing against bigger players like Google, Amazon, and other larger companies (hypothetically) that are leaning towards the AI industry.
  • Adaptation: AI adoption has been a strong growing technology, but it is not the newest concern of the market. As of the moment, some industries and parts of the crypto market are more invested in looking out for the next web3 companies.
  • Short-Term Losses: As per technical analysis when looking at the market data, FET is not yet in a confirmed bullish state.

For those that understand the risks and are still interested and believe in, we recommend using eToro for smoother and secure transactions. Price Prediction FAQs

Although has been around since 2017, it is important to thoroughly understand the cryptocurrency due to the volatility. The coin has shown its utility in real-life traditional industries but when it comes to whether or not the coin is a good investment, it is important to investigate thoroughly and consult with a professional financial adviser. Here are a few more things you need to know about

What Does Do? provides access to a machine learning network through the use of cryptocurrency.

What Blockchain Is On?

Although CoinMarketCap says that is built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gemini says that it relies on Cosmos’ modified protocol’s Tendermint Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Is Undervalued?

Despite its current price,’s circulating supply is already 65% of its total supply. With a large market cap, Yahoo Finance says that is “hugely undervalued.”

What Does Plan To Support In The Future? wants to provide the ability for users to execute automated interactions with industries.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy

eToro is a valid merchant and one of the most secure places to buy letting users buy, hold, and store the FET coin with their other assets.

Disclaimer in our Price Prediction

The price prediction (2025-2030) is strictly for informational purposes and shouldn’t be taken as financial advise. Before investing in the crypto market, it is important to consult a professional and licensed financial advisor, do your own research, and only invest what you can afford to lose.