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GRT Price Prediction 2030: The Power Crypto

grt price prediction featured

The highest GRT price prediction for 2030 is $14.63.

Will The Graph Token (GRT) surpass its maximum price level in 2030? After all, it can be challenging to balance and acquire bigger assets with various networks and applications like Ethereum, POA, and IPFS in the ecosystem.

This GRT price prediction 2030 discusses the performance of GRT coins in the crypto market and the features that contribute to their value. It will also help you decide if this token is worth the risk.

GRT’s trading volume for the last 24 hours is $203.9 million, increasing its potential. It is up for 8.94% at the moment based on CoinMarketCap’s chart. With a large community voluntarily backing up its developments, many are rooting for a major rebound in the next few years while others are rather neutral.

Powering DApss and Web3, will this affect GRT price prediction 2030? Get to know the price analysis of the experts in this article. Here, you can utilise the technical analyses made by various sources to determine if it’s a good investment for the long run.

GRT Features that Could Affect Its Price by 2030

Deep diving into the numbers could be difficult if there are no details to support the GRT forecast price. Take a plunge and learn more about the major updates that could affect the GRT token price.

The Graph token or GRT is an indexing protocol for popular networks like Ethereum, IPFS, and more networks to come. With GraphQL, retrieving blockchain using subgraphs is made easier. Here are some developments that could push its future price to increase.

Edge & Node: The Graph introduced a partnership with Edge & Node in February 2020 to improve blockchain protocol. The Graph value significantly increased to 144%.

Grants and Rewards: The Graph offered a $2.5 million reward to anyone who can identify and troubleshoot shortcomings in the project. Besides improving its protocol, the population of GRT coin holders have also increased.

Partnerships: More blockchains were supported by The Graph network, such as Polkadot, Solana, Celo, and NEAR. Any attempts of expansion posits a high chance of price rise.

Historical Data and The Graph Price Today

grt price prediction historical data

Launched in 2018, the Graph is established to query data for networks and DApps. The GRT coin has already attained its maximum price value of $2.34 in December 2020. It has been running in a bullish trend since its release and significantly rose after its first spike. Its second spike happened in April 2021, reaching $2.10.

GRT ranks #56 in CoinMarketCap with a $1.9 billion market cap. Its current price is $0.40, higher than its value in the last three days.

At the moment, there are a great deal of GRT tokens to be minted. In its total supply of 10 billion coins, there are 4.7 billion in the circulating supply.

The Graph Crypto Price Prediction 2030

grt coins and its price chart

The price of The Graph has been perceived as a good investment by some analysts. Others, however, are hesitant, considering that it has a small market cap and is in a good upward trend at the moment. Have a look at the GRT price levels based on the following technical analyses:

Analysts Believing The GRT Coin Will Go Up

  • Tech News Leader expects The Graph could skyrocket to $14.63 by 2030.
  • Price Prediction thinks that the average trading price of The Graph could reach $11.04 and could go higher to $12.41 by 2030.
  • ICO Creed predicts that The Graph coin’s value could increase to $13.80 by the end of 2030.

Analysts Believing The GRT Coin Will Go Down

  • Coin Price Forecast anticipates the price of GRT to go down to $2.28 by 2030.
  • Trading Beasts estimates The Graph price value to go down to $2.42 to $3.52 by 2030.
  • Digital Coin’s bullish predictions say the average value of The Graph coin could reach $1.85 but could go higher to $1.91 by 2030.

Experts’ Prediction and Estimations on The Graph GRT Price

By the end of 2022, the price of Graph coins could reach $12.97. It could experience a great bullish run by 2030, reaching $76.23. Aside from the price, the YouTuber expects that the reasons behind this price increase are multiple partnerships and a broader reach, as explained by user affiliate Cambodia.

A video by Vickpoint Universe on YouTube compiles different Ren price predictions ranging from 2022 to 2030. The data in the video encourages price rises. It showed that The Graph tokens could reach $21.64 by the end of 2022. In five years, it will cost $18 by 2025. Assuming it continues its bullish run, it could skyrocket to $77 by 2030.

One of the most popular Crypto YouTubers, BitBoy Crypto, explained why many are excited about The Graph’s growth. The video revealed that the Graph network has great features, developments, and partnerships that would highly impact its future price. He believes that it could go as high as $10 by the end of the year.

How Risky Is The Graph Crypto As An Investment?

While it is true that the past price of a GRT token puts it in a good light, researching and compiling GRT price analyses will help you determine if it’s a suitable asset more precisely. Buying coins only on trusted websites like eToro is also highly recommended. After all, entering the crypto market is a highly risky business, so it is important to be cautious and prepared for worst-case scenarios. 

  • Advent of New Protocols: The advent of new cryptocurrencies could either increase or decrease the current value of GRT tokens. The crypto and blockchain industry competition are very heated, so be prepared.
  • Crypto Markets Volatility: Business analysts say this countless times to potential investors and new to the industry: the crypto space is a risky place. The price of digital currencies changes from time to time. You could lose your whole capital, so don’t invest beyond what you can afford.

GRT Price Prediction Conclusion

While no price forecast should be taken as a piece of investment advice, the GRT token exhibits a high potential. Every coin in the crypto market has its risk; you could not earn as much as you expected, especially if it drops to $1.91 by 2030. If the estimations are correct and the odds are in your favour, you could acquire bigger profits, assuming it rises to $14.63. Because the crypto market is inherently volatile, expectations should always be kept in check.

GRT Price Prediction FAQs

The users of The Graph token have their respective opinions about the coin. Here are some sentiments raised by potential investors:

What Will The Graph Be Worth in 2025?

SwapSpace predicts that its current value could skyrocket to $2 by 2025.

Does The Graph Crypto Have A Future?

Most of The Graph price predictions see potential in The GRT token. One forecast says it could reach $14.63 by 2030.

Who Owns The Graph Crypto?

A team of professionals owns The Graph. The initial co-founding team are Yanic Tal, Brandon Ramirez, and Jannis Pohlmann.

Where To Buy A GRT Token?

Do maximum research on where to store your GRT tokens. Trusted digital wallets include eToro.

Author’s Note

The information presented in this article is purely educational and should not be construed as investment advice. Before investing, collect maximum historical data and conduct deep technical analysis. For a more accurate prediction, consult a licensed financial advisor. Don’t forget, invest with caution!