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Immediate Edge Review – Scam or Legit Cryptocurrency Platform

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There are always questions regarding the authenticity of a crypto trading platform. In this Immediate Edge review, we will talk and discuss the Immediate Edge App. We’ve put Immediate Edge to the test. We tried its services and experienced the “trading convenience” it offers. Is it Legit? Is it a scam? Let’s Find out!

What to Expect in This Review?

Before you decide to start trading with the Immediate Edge site, this article will dig deep into the overall features of the platform. Answer FAQs about the platform and walk through the step-by-step registration process in the platform.

So that by the end of this review, you’ll have a better understanding of the cryptocurrency platform. Also, help you decide whether the Immediate Edge platform is the right cryptocurrency platform for you and whether you can start trading cryptocurrency. 

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What Is This Review All About?

Our research on the Immediate Edge App reveals that a platform is a marketing tool partnered with brokers. Thus, it brings traders with a partner broker to assist traders in every trading session they enter and help them build and manage their crypto portfolios.

Immediate Edge and its partner brokers help new traders and experienced traders enter more potentially profitable trades opportunities from the cryptocurrency market.

The platform also offers a range of options for a cryptocurrency trader. With the broker assigned to the traders on the Immediate Edge platform, traders can run auto trading systems through auto trading robots instead of manual trading.

Scam or Legit?

Our review of Immediate Edge makes the fact that the platform is a legit cryptocurrency platform that is a partner with regulated expert brokers on the crypto market. Thus, Immediate Edge is not a scam.

Is the App Fully Automated Trading Platform?

Immediate Edge is a platform that connects traders with brokers who will assist and guide the traders in every trading session the trader enters. It is not an automated cryptocurrency trading platform to answer whether the Immediate Edge site is fully automated in nature. As stated earlier, it is a marketing tool used to connect traders and brokers on one platform. Thus, Immediate Edge is not an auto trading platform nor an auto trading software.

The Immediate Edge App and Its Partner Brokers Trading Technology

The platform of Immediate Edge’s brokers utilises the best trading analytical technology, which is MetaTrader 4 and 5.

Also,  this auto trading feature can allow traders to use advanced trading algorithms that can potentially increase their chances of entering successful trading opportunities. These potentially profitable opportunities can happen because a trading robot can analyse the cryptocurrency market trends. Also, it can execute transactions on the trading market based on real-time price charts and historical price analysis of the cryptocurrency market.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading automated system is not recommendable for new traders due to its complexity and risks of adversity. Auto trading robots offered by brokers on the Immediate Edge website require advanced technical skills. If not adequately handled, an auto trading robot can cause a loss of investment.

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Immediate Edge Review App: FAQs and Our Answers

1. Is Immediate Edge free?

The Immediate Edge registration is free. To start your cryptocurrency trading journey with your partner broker on the Immediate Edge site, they only require that you have an initial investment of $250 in your account. This minimum deposit is for your trades when exchanged to a cryptocurrency of your choice.

2. Is Immediate Edge a legit trading platform?

The Immediate Edge platform is a legit cryptocurrency platform that partners with regulated and trustworthy brokers. Thus, there’s safety and security assurance for users on Immediate Edge. The features of Immediate Edge secures the traders’ account, including multi-factor authentication, integrity checks, and novel algorithms and encryptions.

Moreover, the Immediate Edge platform pool of partnered brokers are registered as per the standard requirements and was approved for use by all the users. Our research results confirm that top professionals manage this broker’s auto trading system for cryptocurrency with much-specialised crypto trading experience.

3. How does the Immediate Edge App work?

Immediate Edge collaborates globally with various brokers. The auto trading robot option of brokers on the Immediate Edge platform offers great ease and convenience for it can offer auto trading mode.

Once you have correctly set your protection and transaction parameters, the trading robot will start executing trades even if you are away. You can configure the robot to your desired trading strategy. The trading robots will scan the cryptocurrency market actively and performs technical analysis to locate relevant trade positions from its target market, all based on your set strategy and parameters.

4. What kind of Trading Bots does Immediate Edge offer?

Immediate Edge is not directly offering traders automated trading bots. Moreover, brokers who are partnered with the platform do. Brokers are the ones who can provide users with automated trading tools and other trading resources, by the help of Immediate Edge you will be ensured that the broker you will be working with is regulated.

Some brokers on the platform even offer traders access to one of the leading crypto analysis tools, the MetaTrader 4 or 5, a sophisticated crypto program that allows traders to trade their cryptocurrency assets automatically. Artificial intelligence algorithms used by this trading tool detects the best trade opportunities, potentially increasing investment returns.

5. Does Immediate Edge use celebrity endorsers?

Though there are a lot of rumours claiming that the Immediate Edge platform uses endorsers such as celebrities and influencers to increase crypto investors to their platform, we have found no proof of these claims. Thus, based on our research of the platform, we can say that they have no affiliations to any celebrity endorsers. 

How to create your Immediate Edge account?

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Here is the complete list of steps to create your Immediate Edge account.

Step 1: Register your Immediate Edge account

First, make sure that you are on the homepage of the official Immediate Edge website. Then look for the registration form. Once you are on the Immediate Edge registration form, complete the form with your data.

Step 2: Verification system procedure

After a short verification system, a broker will identify whether the identity you have submitted is yours. Once confirmed, the broker will discuss the Immediate Edge and the broker services. 

Step 3: Fund your account

Once you are satisfied with the features of the Immediate Edge system, You can start trading with your broker after funding your account with a minimum investment of $250.

Step 4: Trade your crypto

Exchange your funds to any cryptocurrency of your choice and start trading. You can choose between the demo trading feature or the live trading feature. If you are a new trader,  start trading cryptocurrency with a demo account first. It is highly recommended.

Once you begin trading sessions, remember to trade with expected and needed diligence and effort.

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Conclusion: Should I sign up to Immediate Edge for an improved trading experience?

Through this review of the Immediate Edge site, we have given you an enlightening and neutral point of view of the platform. Now the question of whether you should begin trading with Immediate Edge and receive support from its partner brokers is up to you.

Immediate Edge may not be a fully automated trading platform; however, the Immediate Edge pros get you great broker connections. Brokers can provide you with automated trading, demo account, and several trading resources and materials.


The content and objective of this article are not to give financial advice or investment advice. Cryptocurrency is a volatile investment and is a risky venture. No proceeds or returns can be assured, and investment loss cannot be avoided. Thus, trade only what you can afford to lose.