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Quant Price Prediction 2022-2025

QUANT Price Prediction Featured Image

There have been hidden gems in the crypto market that spring out of nowhere for a very long time. These cryptocurrencies show themselves and dominate the market. In 2021, Quant was one of those big revelations. QNT sparked conversations in the crypto space as it soared in value to $194 in August.

In September 2021, it reached its highest price of over $428. A coin that was trading at an average price of $5 then became the talk of the town. Quant got listed on major crypto exchanges without any hassle following its exploits in the cryptocurrency market. This presence on crypto exchanges has helped scale the Quant community with many traders.

Beyond prices and support levels, Quant solves real-life problems. The Quant network offers improved data accessibility and scalability for blockchain networks. Without wasting time, let’s get right into Quant price prediction.

News About Quant That Could Affect Its Price Predictions

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Apart from demand and supply, the news also affects the price movements of cryptocurrencies. So, what latest news could affect the Quant (QNT) price prediction.

About a month ago, QNT surged over 25% in a short while before retracing. This price rise could be linked to how Quant is helping the Bitcoin leverage ratio. However, that news did not have a lasting effect on the Quant (QNT) price. Recently, Quant announced a new release of its Overledger 2.1.6. The latest update shows an incredible functionality to support smart contracts while still solving interoperability. Either these updates will affect QNT’s future price, which we will find out in these price predictions.

Before we go further to the Quant (QNT) price prediction, let’s look at history.

Quant (QNT) Price Review

A glance at the Quant price history shows that the cryptocurrency has followed a blend of bear and bullish trends.

Between 2018 and early 2019, Quant never showed any sign of being a serious cryptocurrency. At that time, the QNT price fluctuated between $1 and $3. The coin wasn’t making any significant price movement. However, the unexpected happened in 2020 when QNT rose to $9.28. During this period, Quant hardly went below the $8 mark. Little did anyone know that it was only the beginning.

Trading diagrams, calculator and magnifying glass on table - Quant Price Prediction

By April 2021, The Quant price was at $39.45. That was a bullish sign that took it all up to $428 in September 2021. The start of 2022 hasn’t been so promising for Quant as the price has fallen deep to $143.03. Ironically, this is not bad news for investors. Every day since the dip, the token holders brag about how the price drop is an opportunity to buy more QNT.

Now, let’s dig deep into the Quant price prediction proper. The technical analysis part will provide the necessary information you need.

Quant Technical Analysis

Technical analysis offers an avenue to make accurate price predictions for different currencies. That said, let’s look at the Quant price predictions for 2022 to 2025.

Quant Price Prediction 2022

After launching in 2018 for less than $0.05 and trading close to over $400 in 2021, investors are eager to know if QNT is still reliable. Wallet Investor might seem to agree with that assumption. Analysts predict that the average price of Quant could be as high as $339.50. If the cryptocurrency market does not misbehave, the maximum price could hit $444.56 by December 2022.

Quant Price Prediction 2023

Digital Coin Price puts the QNT forecast at $228.1. The technical analysts do not see QNT reaching its all-time high of $428 anytime soon. However, with the crypto market expected to fall into another bear season, it could well be possible. Wallet Investor think otherwise. The analysts there are highly optimistic about the future price predictions. The minimum price value of QNT is expected to be around $562.18 by 2023.

Quant Price Prediction 2024

According to Digital Coin Price, the Quant price forecast will be $239.64. However, technical analysis from other sources shows a bullish sign for QNT in 2024. If the price movement follows the bull markets, QNT may hit an average price of 646.09 by January 2024. In addition, the bullish trend may also lead the QNT price to a maximum price rise of $1032.96 by the year-end.

Quant Price Prediction 2025

Due to market sentiment, the Quant forecast may experience a drop in the crypto price. However, QNT’S price is expected to recover. The average price of Quant can reach $1139 by December 2025. Although, the maximum value could go beyond $1300 in the same year.

Note that these Quant price predictions are subject to change due to the cryptocurrency market’s volatility. We suggest that you do your research before you invest in Quant. 

That said, let’s look at the opinion of crypto experts on the Quant (QNT) forecast.

Quant (QNT) Price Forecast | What Experts Think

Many crypto experts are very optimistic about the future price of Quant. More adoption is expected for the Quant ecosystem with the recent updates to its operating system. That is not all. The Quant Network provides solutions to the data accessibility problem faced by blockchain networks.

While most crypto experts haven’t settled on a price they expect, they all agree that the Quant price prediction may be similar to the price rise in 2021 soon. With many digital coins experiencing interoperability issues, Quant might be the one to rescue them. Let’s explain the basics of Quant before you decide to invest in it.

What Is Quant?

One of the major problems facing the blockchain world is the lack of interoperability. This problem has existed since the invention of Bitcoin. Some projects have tried and failed to find a solution. However, Quant offers some relief with its fascinating blockchain technology.

Girl holding Cryptocurrency coins - Quant Price Prediction

Quant’s leading solution is its Overledger network. The network developers added the Overledger feature to solve the interoperability problem faced by Bitcoin and Ethereum. While this solution does not entirely erase the pain, it is the closest to the best.

Combined with the vast experience of its founder, the Quant team has been able to contribute immensely to solving this problem. The primary mission of Quant has shifted from solving interoperability alone to connecting distributed ledgers all over the world. In addition, Quant offers a DLT gateway to serve a large set of transactions while it solves communication and scalability.

“We’re thinking much bigger than that. Quant is just getting started. It takes vision and effort to achieve foundational milestones. We’re just at the beginning.”- Quants Founder, Gilbert Verdian.

Founded in 2018, the Quant network now offers developers to build applications using the Quant ecosystem. With partnerships with Oracle, Lacchain, and Amazon, Quant might revolutionise the blockchain world. Now, let’s look at the Quant token and how it affects the Quant ecosystem.

What Is Quant Cryptocurrency?

QNT is the native token of the Quant network. The token allows for smooth transactions on the Quant Overledger. While Quant aims to ease complications related to blockchain technology, QNT serves as the payment medium for the network.

The Quant token was built on the Ethereum ERC-20 chain and helped to facilitate transactions across the Quant Overledger. At present, there are about 12 million Quant tokens in circulation with a market cap of over $1.7 billion. With more investors expected to join the network, QNT could soon reach its maximum supply of 14.61 million tokens.

Quant Price Today

The current price of Quant is $143.03. This current price is a 55.60% drop from its last 24-hour price. While this might seem like QNT will get to zero, investors know it is a regular occurrence in the crypto market. This current price presents an opportunity for most people to buy more QNT tokens before the bullish trend starts.

Before you get lost in confusion, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions so you’d get what all Quant is.

People Also Ask

Is Quant a Good Investment?

In the past three months, Quants have been on a downward trend. The QNT price has gone from $289 to today’s price within 90 days. Before that, QNT was only trading at about $16.1 in January 2021. This price means that the cryptocurrency holders are still in massive profit even with the drop

That said, crypto experts have predicted that Quant will get back to winning ways soon. They also believe that the coin will be a profitable investment for the future. Now that you know, it might be a perfect time to get some QNT tokens if you deem it fit a good investment.

Will QNT Hit $1000?

A brief look at the price movement of QNT will make one think it could reach $1000 soon. However, you can hardly tell the next disruption that will hit the crypto market. Nonetheless, if Quant had hit $392 at one point, it could hit $1000 at the next. Although the current QNT price shows a little far from reaching that price, there is still a rising tendency to hit $1000 in the future.

What Will Be The Quant Price in 2022?

Many digital currencies are expected to explode in 2022, including Quant. Experts believe Quant will surpass its all-time high before the end of 2022. Some crypto experts have predicted that the QNT price will get to the $500 mark at the very least.

Where Can I Buy Quant?

Quant is available on Bittrex, Hotbit, and Bithumb Global. You can also buy Quant on a decentralised exchange like Uniswap. However, if you want to take the easiest route to buy the Quant token, try eToro. eToro takes away all the stress that other trading platforms make you go through. You can register, verify, and start trading in a few minutes.


These Quant (QNT) price predictions are for informational purposes only. No part of the content should be considered investment advice. Make sure you do your own research before investing in Quant. Whether the QNT coin is an excellent long-term investment is dependent on various factors. Remember to do due diligence as the crypto market can be highly volatile.