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XTZ Price Prediction 2025: Tezos, The Rising Sun

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The highest XTZ price prediction estimates that the coin could reach $16.32 by 2025.

Being blockchain-based on smart contracts, will Tezos be the most lucrative to prove to be unlike Ethereum and Bitcoin, resulting from a hard fork? When competing with major players in the cryptocurrency, it is more difficult for the token to resurface and achieve another high spike.

This XTZ price prediction article aims to discuss the performance of Tezos in the crypto market and how much potential it displays. It would also help you assess whether it is a good investment or not.

The XTZ coin recently rebounded with a trading volume of $193.8 million. Its unique description and current performance hint at another hope of a continuous bullish trend. While many investors anticipate a comeback, some remain impartial. In this article, you will see both bullish and bearish possibilities for XTZ in the next five years.

Will Tezos manage to resurface and prove to be a future proof blockchain? Read the experts’ forecast in this XTZ price prediction 2025 now. Find out below if this article can improve your portfolio.

About The Tezos Foundation And How It Could Affect Its Price by 2025

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Assessing if you could handle the risks of investing in Tezos is hard if there are no details to support claims. Like other cryptocurrencies, you need to get to know a lot about the token to conduct a good technical analysis.

Initially launched in 2014, Tezos and its native token, XTZ, is a blockchain network that runs on smart contracts. It brags to being a future-proof platform that is too advanced to experience a hard fork. Also, it allows XTZ coin holders to participate in protocol upgrades.

Tezos describes itself as an open-source platform “secure, upgradable, and built to last.” Given its uniqueness, it can embrace more developments in blockchain technology.

Historical Data and Tezos Price Today

Four years after its proposal in 2014, the Tezos blockchain was launched by Breitman and Nakamoto. Although the past performance of Tezos in the market has not been too favourable, it reached its first spike of $4.40 in August 2020. After a few corrections, it went on a bullish run in October 2021 and reached $8.70, its maximum price level. Despite experiencing price fluctuations recently, it resurfaced from $3.03 last month to its current price of $4.03.

Tezos is up by 8.36% and ranked #46 with a live market cap of $3.56 billion as of April 2, 2022. At the moment, there are 889.72 million XTZ coins in the circulating supply.

XTZ Price Prediction for 2025

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With a large market cap, the price of XTZ is likely to rise. However, it remains important to know the price predictions for calculations. That said, check out this compilation of the Tezos price forecast from various sources online.

Analysts Believing The XTZ Coin Will Go Up

  • Wallet Investor estimates that the coin’s worth could skyrocket to $15.79 by 2025.
  • The Tezos forecast of GOV Capital ranges from $12.06 to $16.32.
  • Digital Coin anticipates the price of Chiliz to reach $10.01 by 2025.

Analysts Believing The XTZ Coin Will Go Down

  • Trading Beasts estimates that the XTZ token could hit the $5 mark by 2025.
  • Longforecast gauges the price of XTZ to only ascend to a possible minimum price of $5.84.
  • Price Prediction expects that the future price of Tezos could hit an average price of $9.34 and could even go higher to $9.60.

Experts’ Estimations on Tezos XTZ Price Prediction

Art of Marketing Blog compiled seven Tezos price predictions. In his video, he introduced Tezos and its performance in the market. He believes that there is still much room for Tezos to grow to $10 in the future.

In Talking crypto784’s video, he showcased Tezos XTZ price predictions for 2022 to 2030. By the end of 2022, it could reach $18.59. By 2025, it could skyrocket to $48.1 and $143.55 by 2030.

“Will Tezos experience a price rise to $100?” Crypto Prince on YouTube gives answers to why this is possible. He believes that the market has a lot of promise in the next few years for Tezos. Given the coin’s possibility for growth, it proves why it is branded as The Rising Sun.

How Risky Is Tezos As An Investment?

The cryptocurrency market is inherently volatile. With many market turbulences occurring, every digital currency is vulnerable to sudden changes. Considering that Tezos has undergone a lot of corrections, one investment strategy is to make it tolerable.

  • Volatility: Various sources used technical analysis to determine the numbers above. While this is helpful, you should know that they are not 100% accurate because no one can ever predict the market’s future. You can lose your capital with one wrong move, so be prepared for the consequences.
  • Competition: There are other fiat currencies out there competing in the market. If Tezos fails to continue its recent resurfacing, other cryptocurrencies will take its spot. As investors, you will be placed in a hard spot.
  • Crypto Wallet: The crypto space is filled with threats. Avoid losing your money to hackers by finding an e-wallet like eToro that is guaranteed safe and secure.

XTZ Price Prediction Conclusion

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Even if price forecasts should not solely determine investment decisions, we can observe that Tezos has the potential to grow more in the future. Like other digital tokens, XTZ tokens have a certain amount of risk considering that it could only go up to $5 by 2025. Meanwhile, you can profit a lot if the prediction of it going up to $16.32 comes true. However, remember that these numbers are prone to market turbulence and can change from time to time.

Tezos XTZ Price Prediction FAQs

Besides the expected numbers for the future, here are other things asked by the community that you should know:

How Much Is XTZ Worth In 2025?

Both price increase and price prognosis are possible to happen in 2025. It could go up to $5.00 to $16.32 by 2025.

Where To Buy Tezos?

While many brokers on the internet sell Tezos, you should find a trusted coin wallet to store it with. A recommended e-wallet to store Tezos is eToro for its reliability and trustworthiness.

What Will Tezos Be Worth In 2030?

According to Libertex, XTZ, the native token of Tezos, could skyrocket to $11.60. It could go higher or lower depending on the surrounding factors.

Is Tezos a PoW?

The Tezos blockchain is a decentralised peer-to-peer platform backed by smart contracts. It carried out a proof-of-stake or DPoS model.

Author’s Note for XTZ Price Prediction

The details provided in this XTZ price prediction article are purely educational. The author intends only to inform people interested in investing in Tezos. While it helps weigh things out before deciding, it should not be taken as investment advice. It is best to seek help from a licensed professional for more accurate data. Keep in mind that the future can never be predetermined; what we can do is hope for the best and risk with limits.