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Cryptocurrency Forecasts

Will Bitcoin (BTC) hit its main goal of $1 Million per coin anytime soon? Or will Ethereum (ETH) be worth $20,000 per token in the next two years? Will Dogecoin see another bull run that will make investors rich, or will it flop and die out as a meme currency? Will the coming year be bearish or bullish for the global cryptocurrency market? Is zCash a reliable short-term crypto investment? 

At the crypto forecast section of Whale Club, we have all of the answers that you could want. Here, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into various price prediction studies to provide up-to-date and extremely useful data on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for you to understand whether or not they’re worth investing in for the future and when is the right time to do so.

All of our price prediction articles incorporate the latest updates, news, changes, and announcements in the crypto market that can drastically affect the value of digital currencies. This way, we help you get to grips with the fast-moving cryptocurrency industry and potentially gain insight into the future, whether it’s through historical price insights or technical and expert analysis.

Of course, nobody can accurately tell the future (although we do a good job at trying our best), so no price prediction forecasts should be taken as explicit investment advice. Here at Whale Club, our mission is to provide our readers with accurate data, analysis, and insights into the global cryptocurrency markets.